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    Suzanne Natbony

    弁護士 Essentially, I'm a business lawyer - I have worked for three companies in-house and I also work for cl...

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    Stuart Greenwood

    弁理士 UK Chartered Patent Attorney and part-qualified European Patent Attorney in the Engineering, Physics &...

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    IPコンサルタント -

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    Masashi Moriwaki

    弁理士 Patent and Trademark Attorney, Japan * Certified to Practice IP Litigation MORIWAKI IP, P.C. / Offi...

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    Vutthy Ouch

    仲裁人・調停人 ln replying to business disputants' demands, three different types of dispute resolution mechanism ser...

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    Molly Stech

    弁護士 Substantive expertise includes comparative copyright and trademark law and policy, focusing on the int...

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    Syeda Umaira Iqbal Raza

    IPコンサルタント A corporate lawyer and litigation attorney having the diverse experience of starting my career from a ...

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    Greg Nordstrom

    エンジニア Engineering Patent Professional with 30+ years technical experience in computer operating system and f...

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    Brian Berman

    パテントエージェント Brian Berman is Co-Founder, VP of IPwe. IPwe is a global innovation platform leveraging the power of a...

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    弁護士 Lecturer in Law