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    Annie Davtian

    弁護士 Annie Davtian is a CEO&managing partner of Lawsuit. Annie is a intellectual property protection exper...

  • Sankar uppuluri

    Sankar Uppuluri

    IPコンサルタント Specialize in strategic consulting on IP programs to develop wholesome and valuable patent ecosystems ...

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    Masashi Moriwaki

    弁理士 Patent and Trademark Attorney, Japan * Certified to Practice IP Litigation MORIWAKI IP, P.C. / Offi...

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    Simone Bruschi Polidori

    パテントエージェント Patent examiner at the Italian Patent and Trademark Office (Ufficio Italiano Brevetti e Marchi - UIBM)...

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    Adoram Shemesh

    IPブローカー PulseIP is a worldwide Intellectual Property advisory firm working closely with fortune 500 companies ...

  • Federico caviggioli

    Federico Caviggioli

    その他の専門家 I am a post doctoral research fellow specializing in patent data intelligence I am a member of the...

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    Olivier Laidebeur

    弁護士 Intellectual property attorney with extensive counsel experience and substantial in-house legal exper...

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    Taylor Norton

    弁理士 Taylor M. Norton is a registered patent attorney and an engineer with extensive experience covering al...

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    Tal Lavian, Ph.D.

    R&Dスペシャリスト Dr. Lavian is a scientist and technologist with 30 years of experience. He specializes in telecommunic...

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    エンジニア ABC