• Stephencarter2

    Stephen Carter

    弁理士 My work as a UK and European patent attorney, building on a degree and MPhil in mechanical engineering...

  • D50c0b8989

    Hiroshi Higuchi

    弁理士 Hiroshi Higuchi is a founder of Allegro IP Law Firm, which was established separating from a long esta...

  • 02d0ac98ca

    Kethya Teuk

    IPコンサルタント I am an Intellectual Property professional with a proven record of success in building and managing an...

  • Michael craner

    Michael Craner

    パテントエージェント Technology executive with significant experience in cutting-edge systems development, integration, dep...

  • 0c8b98b

    Kodai Kimura

    弁護士 Practice Areas Art Law, Intellectual Property, IT, Entertainment Law (Music etc.), Employment Law, ...

  • Lawrence lau

    Lawrence Lau

    IPブローカー I am an experienced intangibles broker specializing in IT/IP/ID law, providing professional services i...

  • Renata

    Renata Lisboa

    弁護士 IP Lawyer at ARARIPE & ASSOCIADOS

  • 50a9352ae5

    Matej Machu

    弁理士 Matej Machu is Czech patent attorney and European design attorney who also works for many years as a s...

  • 34479e6a58

    Mary Fales

    弁理士 I’m more than an engineer and patent attorney ... being an artist and innovator myself, I add my creat...

  • 141433d4c4

    Karén Tonoyan

    弁理士 Developing a robust practice at the intersection of law, business and intellectual property.