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    Alexander Butterman

    弁護士 Alex Butterman is a trademark attorney with Staas & Halsey LLP, a Washington, D.C. IP boutique law fir...

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    Juan Oswaldo Martínez Martínez

    弁護士 Attorney at law / Abogado de la Universidad Externado de Colombia (UEC). Specialist - Copyright, In...

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    Nischal Arvind Singh

    IPコンサルタント Intellectual Property lawyer, Founder of legal startup, Traveller Photographer, designer and entrepren...

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    Luis G. Ramirez V.

    弁護士 Practicing for more than 10 years in Mexico and the United States of America, have represented U.S. an...

  • Steven weinrieb

    Steven Weinrieb

    弁理士 Mechanical Patent Application Preparation and Prosecution Mechanical Searching - Novelty, Infringemen...

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    Simon Christiaën

    弁護士 Simon Christiaën, doctor of law and Partner at Lazareff Le Bars, is a specialist in intellectual prope...

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    Hanns-Juergen Grosse

    弁理士 Dr. Hanns-Juergen GROSSE… …holds a law degree of the University of Strasbourg (CEIPI) in Patent Lit...

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    Adam Urbanczyk

    弁理士 Our practice exists to generally serve our clients' Internet, intellectual property, and related comme...

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    Ann Candura

    内容領域専門家 A dynamic, knowledgeable, and trusted advisor to intellectual property professionals worldwide. A c...

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    Omar Al-Askary

    エンジニア Managing partner and founder of IAMIP Sverige (Intellectual Asset Management and Innovation Partners)....