• Steven weinrieb
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    Luis G. Ramirez V.

    弁護士 Practicing for more than 10 years in Mexico and the United States of America, have represented U.S. an...

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    Nguyen Duy Tho

    IPコンサルタント I have been a qualified Registered Patent and Trade Mark Attorney in 2012. I practice in the areas o...

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    Adam Urbanczyk

    弁理士 Our practice exists to generally serve our clients' Internet, intellectual property, and related comme...

  • Steven weinrieb

    Steven Weinrieb

    弁理士 Mechanical Patent Application Preparation and Prosecution Mechanical Searching - Novelty, Infringemen...

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    Steven McIlroy

    弁理士 I am a Director of Cameron Intellectual Property which was founded in 2011. We are a progressive and n...

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    Jing Fung Tan

    弁理士 I have a chemical engineering background with particular expertise in polymer chemistry, having publis...

  • Pankaj

    Pankaj Mukhopadhyay

    エンジニア Senior Associate-Patent Engineering at UnitedLex Corporation

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    Sri Alexander Valarino

    IPコンサルタント IT & IP

  • Beles

    Craig Beles

    弁護士 Advocate, arbitrator, mediator and law professor for 39 years. It has been my honor to have arbitrated...

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    Simon Christiaën

    弁護士 Simon Christiaën, doctor of law and Partner at Lazareff Le Bars, is a specialist in intellectual prope...