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    Alla Hakhnazaryan

    弁理士 Alla Hakhnazaryan is a Partner at Legelata CJSC, which provides a wide diversity of services in differ...

  • C5e5e58345

    Arvind Chopra

    IPコンサルタント Former Head-IP at European Business and Technology Centre (EBTC), an EU project. Now working as an in...

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    Evan Wilcox

    弁理士 I am an Associate at Spruson & Ferguson Patent and Trademark Attorneys, working as an Australian Paten...

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    David Radulescu

    弁護士 David Radulescu is a Founder and Partner of Radulescu LLP, an elite patent litigation boutique firm ...

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    Tal Lavian, Ph.D.

    R&Dスペシャリスト Dr. Lavian is a scientist and technologist with 30 years of experience. He specializes in telecommunic...

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    Manuel Sanchez Miranda

    弁護士 PhD Candidate (Graduate Institute), Editor of the Journal of International Economic Law (JIEL); CLSO, ...

  • B417ceb8f8

    Opeyemi Iredumare

    弁護士 Legal Practitioner Goal and Result Oriented. Strategist and Tactician. Futuristic in all approach a...

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    Takashi Hondo

    投資家 More than a decade of experience in venture capital industry. Experienced investing in both overseas ...

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    Stuart Greenwood

    弁理士 UK Chartered Patent Attorney and part-qualified European Patent Attorney in the Engineering, Physics &...

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    Kitae Lim

    パテントエージェント Interested in Patents