• Steven weinrieb

    Steven Weinrieb

    弁理士 Mechanical Patent Application Preparation and Prosecution Mechanical Searching - Novelty, Infringemen...

  • Flavia naves

    Flavia Naves

    弁護士 International technology attorney with over 12 years of legal experience and strong focus on software ...

  • 869445e210

    Masashi Moriwaki

    弁理士 Patent and Trademark Attorney, Japan * Certified to Practice IP Litigation MORIWAKI IP, P.C. / Offi...

  • B9a4586235

    Maria Silke (Bukharova)

    弁護士 An intellectual property and media lawyer with over 10 years of experience in providing support for th...

  • 79a785d15b

    Gary Haase

    弁護士 *U.S.-qualified attorney with California law firm and in-house counsel experience *Adjunct lecturer

  • 2b09a99617

    Evanthia Kardoulia

    弁護士 Attorney at Law, PhD Candidate

  • D4e54ad662

    Usharani Ks

    パテントエージェント Patent Agent and Life sciences technology specialist at Prometheus Patent Services Pvt. Ltd., Hyderaba...

  • R brenner

    Rand Brenner

    IPコンサルタント Rand Brenner has licensed some of the biggest Hollywood blockbusters, including “Batman” and the “Migh...

  • B78c8f3a52

    Juan Oswaldo Martínez Martínez

    弁護士 Attorney at law / Abogado de la Universidad Externado de Colombia (UEC). Specialist - Copyright, In...

  • 4ddb1b9ce8

    Matthew Lingard

    弁護士 I am an IP Associate at Walker Morris LLP.