Luis Figarella

USPTO Registered Patent Agent at Matrix Patent Agency/ IEEE Senior Member

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  • Nov 12, 2014

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MPA is a Patent agency dedicated to ensuring the protection of your intellectual property with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) by preparing and prosecuting patents in the US, and through the PCT process in the rest of the world.

Besides being a Patent Agent, I am an Electrical Engineer (and a named inventor in 10 US patents as well as various in other countries), (more about my Vitae at MPA website).

I have participated in enough electro-optic and mechanical products to be very confident in my ability to understand inventors in most of the electrical, mechanical, software, hardware, medical and business arts. I am completely fluent in Spanish, so I can do the above in two languages!

In addition, I spent years as an engineer legally "getting around" other's patents (you do this by carefully examining their claims language and making sure you don't perform functions exactly the same way). So when I draft claims, I do it having experience on both sides of the table.

In short, I've been there, done that, and can compare T-shirts with you, whether your experience is as a VC-funded startup, bootstrap, a growing small company or a large Corporation.

If you want to talk about the patent process, and how best to protect your idea, give me a call or shoot me an e-mail, initial consultation is free, or see our FAQ section.

Issued Patents (As an Agent)

8,853,727 LED Illuminator
8,839,616 Wind Generator
8,777,819 Boxing Trainer
8,776,265 Baby Swaddle Article
8,756,248 RAID Vehicle
8,722,413 Tritration
8,721,509 Exercise
8,690,600 Device case.
8,669,499 Flute Stopper
8,695,117 Skydiving
8,691,299 Ingest repellent
8,632,542 Bone Dist.
8,487,504 Magnetic
8,381,326 Steam
8,360,333 HDBarcode
8,358,758 CID #2
8,303,226 Clip
8,254,450 CID
8,251,626 Bolt
8,245,449 Bldg.
8,238,949 SMS
8,217,248 Lig
8,174,588 Stereo Vid
8,169,369 MEMS
8,137,257 Magnet
8,122,539 Control
8,047,652 iPhone Test
8,018,116 Motor
7,997,448 Bev. Disp.
7,955,251 Ther. Dev.
7,920,317 Display
7,874,778 Insulated
7,797,888 Shelter
7,631,352 Link2File
7,627,994 Anchor
7,570,438 Optical
7,467,718 Bowl


Matrix Patent Agency, Owner

USPTO Registered Patent Agent (Reg. # 58300).

Primary expertise in;
Electrical and Systems Engineering
Medical Devices
Electro-optical systems
Embedded Systems
Business Methods

HIBCC, AutoID Co-chair

I Co-chaired the ANSI accredited Auto-ID HIBCC Committee. This committee oversees the Supplier Label Standard, Patient Safety Standard and others...

StereoImaging Corporation, Co-Founder

Prepared/submitted a 510(k) application to the FDA

Performed the market research and development function for stereoscopic (3-D) video microscope

Analyzed and complied with FDA, GMP, QSR regulatory requirements and permits

Extremetix, Co-Founder

Conceived, designed, and implemented cutting edge 2-D barcode and digital signature solution to allow home printing of secure tickets for entertainment and sports venues

Directed services performed by contractor and vendors to develop the initial server application

Developed successful system architecture design for scanners, RF networks, and servers

Continue to provide technical advice/input to company on an as-needed basis

RVSI/ID Matrix, Vice President, Advanced Product Development

RVSI, VP Advanced Product Dev.

United Parcel Service, Manager

UPS, Manager


Mitre, Engineer



Michigan State University , Electrical Engineering
Boston University MS, Systems Engineering
Universidad de Puerto Rico BS, Electrical Engineering
Colegio De La Salle ,

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