Jing Fung Tan

Patent and Trade Mark Attorney at Griffith Hack

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  • Nov 30, 2014

    IP Nexus登録日

  • Melbourne, オーストラリア


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I have a chemical engineering background with particular expertise in polymer chemistry, having published numerous papers involving different fields of chemical research.

I was awarded The University of Melbourne’s Best Engineering Thesis Prize 2010 and The University of Melbourne’s Chancellor’s Prize in Excellence in the PhD Thesis 2011 for my research. I was also interviewed for The Chancellor’s Prize award in an article for the Australian national newspaper “The Age” and by scientific journal "Science" regarding my transition from a researcher to a patent attorney.

In my spare time, I enjoy the occasional tipple (or two) and I am a fervent supporter of Manchester United football club.


I assess your intellectual property and help you monetize your intellectual property. This usually involves assisting you file patent applications, and obtaining grants and tax relief for your R&D activities. I guide you every step of the way during the patent prosecution process to ensure that the best possible patent protection is obtained for your technology using the most cost-effective strategy.

In my daily work, I manage the patent portfolios of my clients, prosecute local (Australian) and international patent applications, draft patent applications and provide infringement and novelty opinions.

I handle patent matters in a wide variety of engineering and chemical technologies including (i) mining equipment and processes including cyclones, drilling rigs and mineral separation and refining processes, (ii) mechanical devices including equipment links, air-conditioning units and engines, (iii) coal processing equipment including coal drying equipment and energy recycling systems, (iv) medical devices including prostheses and orthopaedic equipment, (v) casting equipment and processes including furnaces, alloy treatment and strip casting processes, (vi) chemical engineering equipment including fluidised bed reactors, absorption columns and heat exchangers, (vii) electrochemistry, including electrolytic cells, (viii) water treatment technology including descaling equipment, (ix) surface chemistry including self-cleaning coatings, and (x) mineral processing including vanadium and clay recoveries from mineral ores, and copper extraction.

I also have particular experience in polymer synthesis using conventional radical polymerisation and controlled radical polymerisation techniques.


The University of Melbourne Master's degree, Intellectual Property Law
The University of Melbourne PhD (Engineering), Polymer Chemistry
The University of Melbourne Bachelor of Engineering (Hons), Chemical Engineering


1. 'Delaying the onset of macrogelation for the synthesis of branched and star-like polymers via conventional free radical polymerisation: Binary solvent effects and incorporation of surfmers' Tan, J.F.; Blencowe, A.; Qiao, G.G. Polymer 2008, 49, 5373-5386.

2. 'Core cross-linked star polymers via controlled radical polymerization' Blencowe, A.; Tan, J.F.; Goh, T.K.; Qiao, G.G. Polymer 2009, 50, 5-32.

3. ‘A General Method for the Synthesis and Isolation of Well-Defined Core Cross-Linked Multistar Assemblies: A Route toward Enhanced pH-Responsive Polymers’ Tan, J.F.; Blencowe, A.; Goh, T.K.; Dela Cruz, I.T.M.; Qiao, G.G. Macromolecules 2009, 42, 4622-4631

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6. ‘1,1-Diphenyl Ethylene-mediated Radical Polymerisation: A General Non-metal-based Technique For The Synthesis Of Precise Core Cross-linked Star Polymers’ Tan, J.F.; Blencowe, A.; Goh, T.K.; Qiao, G.G. Macromol. Rapid Commun. 2010, 31, 305-309.

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10. 'Development of amphiphilic multi-star polymers with highly grafted pyrene connectors as unimolecular encapsulation devices' Blencowe, A.; Tan, J.F.; Goh, T.K.; Goldie, K.N.; Qiao, G.G. Polym, Chem. 2014, 5, 1682-1692.

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