Mary Fales

The bridge between innovation and law

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  • May 31, 2015

    IP Nexus登録日

  • San Diego, アメリカ合衆国


  • California, USPTO

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I’m more than an engineer and patent attorney ... being an artist and innovator myself, I add my creative talents to my professional skills to best protect your invention. With SDPPP you will get options and solutions no other patent attorney will even think about. For example, I had a client come to me and plop a tiny small object on my desk and try and explain their invention from it. Other patent attorneys this client had gone to first, stared blankly, and told the client their idea wasn’t protectable. The truth was, they had no idea what the client’s invention was, because they lacked the creativity to see and understand it. I instantly knew what the invention was and was able to draft a full robust patent application with drawings expanding the client’s protection to the fullest. Because I’m innovative and creative, I can understand and think outside the box to bring to the table what others patent attorneys can’t – enabling you to get more than just good technical and legal services. That is why we say SDPPP is the “bridge between innovation and law.” Mary Fales, President

Mary cares about maintaining a life work balance and being a responsible giving member of the community. She co-founded the Qualcomm Pro Bono group and is actively involved in local volunteer work with Parental Readiness and Empowerment Program (PREP).


San Diego Patent Prep & Pros, Inc., President
Prior to that, she was a patent agent since 2008, and before that, a Sr. electrical engineer for Qualcomm, Franklin Wireless, and TI Wireless spanning over ten years. Mary’s technical expertise began with analog circuit designs and electroacoustic. She has focused on the wireless industry and has a large range of experience in system design, board design, production, and over-the-air (OTA) standards.


J.D. CWSL 2015, Honor Designation, Academic Achievement Award for Patent Law 2013 & IP/Technology seminar 2014.
B.S. EET DeVry 1994



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