Bicycle helmet with jacket
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Bicycle helmet with jacket

Patent Pending This helmet is designed for cyclists who want to keep their head safe from any impact and it includes a compartment where a jacket can be stored when not needed. The jacket has a collar that can attach to the helmet and cover the neck and ears. It is especially useful for children travelling back and forth to school in traffic hours, It is important that when riding a bike, the focus remains with the traffic and hence all types of discomfort on the bike is to be avoided. Rain or other types of precipitation, or even cold wind is very unpleasant when riding a bike and is typically a condition wherein children/people are less attentive to traffic as they experience cold hands, cold ears or water leaking into their neck which makes the children adapting their position on the bike to positions wherein their equilibrium is sub-optimal and wherein their reaction speed is reduced and this just in conditions wherein visibility is lessened and hence traffic is most dangerous. The jacket, preferably a waterproof jacket and/or windproof jacket, comprises a collar that on its one end is attached (eg sewn of glued) to the jacket and on its other hand comprises collar attachment means or anchoring points for attaching the collar to the helmet. The dimensions of the collar are such that is sufficiently wide for covering a wearer’s neck and at least part of the ears.

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